Team Profile

Chew Tai Eng

Dip. ARCH Singapore, MSIA PAM

Company Founder - Coffee Enthusiast

After his 40 years experience of maintaining a design and architectural service and developing business in the scene’s continuous competition, Chew has now put ease on his daily chores to
supervise the lively growth of Enviro Tec. He is also keen in being a mentor for young architects within the company; an exceptional attitude to passionately keep busy days running smooth in his advance years.
Devoting to nature earth’s simplicity for his life principles, Chew has his ideal view of working space as an open space with quiet atmosphere and surrounding natural resources along with the company of Marvin, Enviro Tec’s vegan pet, rather than rifling through jumbled businesses of a metropolitan city.

Ming Zhou

B.EnvDes; B.ARCH Australia, RAIA

Director - Vintage Collector

Edifying herself to an extensive mélange of formal and professional education in Singapore and Australia, Ming exudes her versatility in implementing cultural contexts and crafted elements into design. She worked through her beliefs on the importance of impassionate design to construct a sustainable process in her work surroundings.

Ming joined Enviro Tec in 2005 after her architecture study in Australia, which earned her the Woods Bagot’s Best Graduation Prize. She and Chew, her father, consort to produce innovative mixes for architectural solutions in the company, nurturing it in a fresh way through sharing, community teamwork, and zest for life that she applies thoroughly on her design methods.

Dian Lazuardi


ASSOCIATE (Architecture & Interior) - CULINARY & ART LOVER

After graduated from Technic Faculty Universitas Katolik Parahyangan Bandung majoring in Architecture on 2012, Dian joined Enviro Tec and has been involved in architecture and interior projects. Learning from several scale of projects & experience work in team, he has also contributed in the office core team which extend the role as a supervisor & coordinator during these past few years.
By appreciation of process & willingness to learn, Dian believe that every experience is a moment to grow. He is also passionate in choral music, photography and art which allow him to explore creativity & found his work life balance.




Start lecture from the Architecture, the search to discover how something works from the beginning. But this is still unsatisfactory, So finally choosing Design to develop and explore how a human work was born. In this last institution, curiosity turned out to be permissible and could be developed; which is where one can find identity and obsession with self-actualization.
The work undertaken also goes through a long and shifting journey from Designers & Coordinators, to the Planning Heads. From the internal space to the building of human with the activities, to the urban planning design. It is in this company that is developing mutual insight. So that something that works really emerges from every big dream and makes it happen.