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A Enviro Tec Newsletter – 2021
Enviro Tec 2021年通讯分享

In a blink of an eye, we have reached the ONE year anniversary of Enviro Tec Creatives (ET.C)! In the course of this BIG ONE, we are proud to share the many amazing achievements, inspiring moments and show our deepest appreciation for the awesome support from our clients and collaborators. At the same time, it’s exciting to note that the Enviro Tec Global Group will reach its 50th year next year in 2022! Woohoo!

One of the main focuses for Enviro Tec is the strong belief and pursuit of the meaningful holistic engagement of the ecosystem that lies in each of the projects. Through thorough research, open discussions, detailed design and dedicated implementation, we establish our roles as creative strategy partners with our clients and their teams. In 2021, across the regions in China, Indonesia and Singapore, we have in total 03 projects opened, 04 in construction, and about 10+ projects in the Envision+Brand+Design development stages.

转眼间, Enviro Tec Creatives (ET.C) 境艺成立至今已一周年! 在这一年里,我们很高兴能够分享许多卓越的成就、鼓舞人心的时刻, 并对我们的客户和各个专业合作单位的大力支持表示最真挚的感谢。同时,令人兴奋的是, Enviro Tec (ET) 国际集团到明年 2022 年将已成立50年! 棒!

Enviro Tec (ET) 境艺 的主要关注点之一是对每个项目中生态体系的意义和整体结合性专注地强调和关注。通过深入研究、公开讨论、深化设计和落地性实施,我们作为创意战略顾问的角色与客户及其团队进行共创。在2021年当中, 我们全球共有03个项目开业,04个在建项目,约10多个项目处于“概念+品牌+深化设计”的各个阶段。

Ming Zhou, our co-founder of ET.C and managing director of ET, was also recently invited to be a distinguished speaker of the ANABATA OPEN TALK E-SERIES 9.4 on 8 Oct 2021, She spoke about Diversity in the Process of fulfilling ideas. She not only describes the design ethos of ET, but also how we integrate technology, sustainability and branding-conscious strategies in our design process, as well as our organic approach in engaging our clients, collaborators and vendors.
For viewing the Full webinar talk:


近期,周明晓 (境艺创始人和ET国际集团董事)受邀作为国际演讲系列主讲员之一。她的分享主题是“实现思想过程的多样性”。她不仅介绍了Enviro Tec 境艺的总体设计理念,也描述我们如何结合了科技,设计工艺技术,可持续性和品牌意识的策略。同时,也分享了我们如何通过非常灵活多样合适的方式与我们的客户和各个合作单位,以及供应商们在项目里巧妙的进行互动。


Mix-use development in Nantong, China.

The whole is greater than the sum of its’ parts. The ecosystem mindset connects elements in a community so they work with each other, rather than in silo.
In the Chongchuan District of Nantong, ET.C is working on a mix use development (called 99 Plaza), and focusing on the main tower which alone includes a boutique hotel, private enterprise offices, flex-work space & clubhouse hub, service apartments and retail. The rest of the development consists of a large retail podium, an events plaza, entertainment, F&B and other commercial facilities.


在南通崇川区,ET.C在为一个综合商业开发项目(称为 玖玖 广场)进行策划与设计。当中的主塔楼,包括了一家精品酒店、几家私营企业办公室、共享灵活的办公空间、服务式公寓和商业。其余的功能包括一个大型商业裙楼、一个活动广场和餐饮与娱乐设施。

In the main tower, ET.C has devised a strategy with the client to treat the entire tower as a holistic community of talents, resources and events. The design is able to allow the various programs to leverage on each other. The lobby is a meaningful collective hub serving the various user groups that comes from the hotel, offices, service apartments and retail. The boutique hotel sits at levels 4 to 9. The flex-work office at the 25th floor is designed as the enterprise clubhouse of the tower, as well as the ‘events center’ of the development. With an amazing top floor view of the city, this flex-work space houses not only work spaces for the developer’s headquarters and their collaborating partners, but also offers bookable spaces for the tower communities (other enterprises, hotel guests) and external guests in the form of lounge spaces, meeting rooms and private offices. This offers a very flexible on-demand arena which the communities can tap on to use while not having to commit to a long-term rent, and best of all, this floor serves as a hub of activities, events and collaborations among the talents and stakeholders of the entire ecosystem where they can leverage on each other’s strengths to help, to communicate, to learn and work or innovate together.

在主塔楼中,ET.C 与客户制定了一项策略,将整个塔楼视为一个聚集人才资源和活动的整体社区。该设计能够允许各种功能资源兼续并用。主要的大堂是服务于来自酒店、办公室、服务式公寓和零售的不同用户群的超级社区。精品酒店位于 4 至 9 层。 25 层的共享灵活办公空间被设计为塔楼的企业服务会所,也是开发项目的“活动中心”,拥有令人惊叹的顶层城市景观, 用户企业包括了开发商的总部员工、他们的合作伙伴单位以及塔楼社区其他企业、酒店客人。外部客人也可预订此层的办公空间(会议室,私人办公房)和洽谈空间。这提供了一个非常灵活的按需场所,社区的其他客群可以利用该场所而不必承担不必要的长期租金。最重要的是,该楼层是人才和人才之间互动的活动中心。整个生态体系的利益相关群,他们可以互相帮助、交流、学习、工作与创新。

Rendering visuals of the Flexible office Enterprise Clubhouse on the 25th floor of the main tower.
主塔楼 25 层灵活办公企业会所的渲染视觉效果。

The Boutique Hotel @ Plaza 99

‘Mi casa es su casa’

A warm welcoming Spanish home within a niche boutique hotel in Nantong

The Boutique Hotel’s design takes its essence from the unique concept of both the Chinese & Spanish cultures, extracting the signature deep earthy red and warm color tones. Hence, this design follows through in the interior features & details as the representation of passion, love & loyalty of the hotel’s brand. The main lobby located on the ground floor of the main tower building is shared between the offices, hotels & residential apartments integrated in the tower as part of the One Ecosystem Programming Strategy. One of the touchpoints is the introduction of the intricate craftmanship of a Mallorca’s ‘Ikat’ fabric and touch of contemporary Spanish Landscape as art pieces in the interiors. Another touch point will be the huge screen ‘veil’ creating a center meeting point for the communities of the offices, apartments & hotel customers, thus becoming the heart of interaction for the entire development.

精品酒店 @ 玖玖广场

‘Mi casa es su casa’

精品酒店的设计从中国和西班牙文化的独特概念中吸取精髓,提取出标志性的深土红色和暖色调。 因此,这种设计贯穿于室内特色和细节,体现了酒店品牌的热情、爱互和品牌忠诚。 位于主塔楼首层的超级综合大堂由集成在塔楼中的企业办公室、酒店和住宅公寓用户客群共享,作为一个生态体系规划战略的关键凝合剂。 接触点之一是引入了马略卡岛的“Ikat”织物的复杂工艺和当代西班牙景观作为室内艺术作品的触感。 另一个接触点将是中央巨大的屏幕“面纱”,为写字楼、公寓和酒店客户的社区创造了一个中心交汇点,从而成为整个开发项目互动的核心。


The hotel features a 400SQM mix-use ground floor Lobby, all-day-dining on the 4th floor which doubles up as a curated Spanish Restaurant, public amenities spaces such as gym, laundry room & 108 guest rooms.


酒店设有 400 平方米的超级综合首层大堂、全日餐厅(第四层)、健身房、洗衣房和 108 间客房等公共施空间。


Enviro Tec Creatives was appointed to be the main brand design strategist and interior design consultant to create a new design typology for this hotel brand. The hotel rooms consist of typical large bed rooms, twin bed rooms & executive suites with a panoramic view of the surroundings. The main design accent of the hotel room would be using the concept of a Spanish arch to be the main feature wall of functional usages, such as study niche, tv corner, mini bar & wardrobe area. The other focal feature would be the big bed head, embracing the space to become a luxurious & comfortable relaxing lounge area for the customer. The usage of deep red color tone and some accent of grey blue fabrics become the main furnishings for each of the guest room.

Construction for the Lobby is ongoing and is targeted to be ready by early 2022.


Enviro Tec Creatives 被委托为主要的品牌设计策略顾问和室内设计顾问,为该酒店品牌打造全新而适合当地需求的设计。 酒店客房包括典型的大床房、双床房和行政套房,享有周边全景视野。 酒店房间的主要设计重点将使用西班牙拱门的概念作为功能用途的主要特色墙体,例如书房区、电视角、迷你吧和衣柜区。 另一个焦点特征是大床头,该空间打造成为客户豪华舒适的放松休息区。 深红色调的运用和一些灰蓝色织物的点缀为每间客房的主要软装。

大堂的建设正在进行中,目标是在 2022 年初准备正式运营。


No matter the size of the project, we seek to uncover its superpowers and potentials, while making sure they are relevant to the objectives and visions of the client. This requires us to design different ‘strategic mechanisms’ (both short and long term) which will be useful and relevant to the client, including: branding & positioning, business programming, site selections, data research & insights, spatial experiences, sourcing & procurement planning, site progress implementation, budget controls, as well as service operations integration advisory and community online-offline interactions.



The above Product Envisioning process shows how we typically engage our clients and co-create their products for them. Product types which we are working on can range from a 300-500 sqm commercial facility for community learning to a 10,000 sqm building for an asset enhancement initiative, and even to an entire district’s urban portfolio for real estate transformation and sustainability planning.
Such Envisioning service delivery is then being used in various ways:

1. an aligned comprehensive design brief for the next stage of design development;
2. pitch deck for client to seek for investment opportunities
3. enhancement material for innovation teams as part of their Business Proposals
4. a playbook guideline that sets the fundamental direction for the larger development

上述产品设想过程展示了我们通常如何与客户互动并为他们共同创造他们的产品。我们正在开发的产品类型包括了用于社区学习的 300-500 平方米的商业设施到用于资产增值计划的 10,000 平方米的建筑,甚至是用于房地产改造和可持续发展规划的整个地区的城市组合。

1. 为下一阶段的设计深化提供统一的综合设计概要;
2. 为客户寻找产品的投资机会
3. 形成客户创新团队加强其业务建议书的有效关键题材
4. 为客户的项目大规模发展规划定下根本方向的指南册




流畅之家 – 雅加达, 印度尼西亚 城市绿洲——挖掘乐趣

Inspired by a mid-modernist vibe, this privately-owned 3-storey house located in North Jakarta is blessed with an extensive view of the sea and marina which naturally becomes the highlight of this project. Designed to have an oasis within the house, the pool as the oasis becomes the focal point where all activities and spaces revolve and are planned around it. The client’s brief is to have a residence where both husband and wife, and their 2 kids can enjoy the spaces together as a family as well as individually >> We+Me Moments. The design focuses on natural light & air flow which are introduced within the internal courtyard spaces penetrating 3 levels via strategically located skylights, slits & voids. The featured swimming pool becomes the center pivot where the living & dining areas and all the activities connect seamlessly via a huge outdoor deck patio. Unobstructed views from all spaces towards the sea becomes a common luxury, with each bedroom having access to an adjoining outdoor patio deck to enjoy the daily sea view & sunsets. Privacy is not compromised with an introduction of garden-esque perimeter as a screen green feature. The entire house has a minimal concrete and timber aesthetic as the modern day tropical house within Urban Jakarta.

受现代主义氛围的启发,这座位于雅加达北部的私宅拥有的 3 层楼房享有广阔的大海和码头景观,自然成为该项目的亮点。旨在在屋内拥有一片绿洲之地。作为绿洲的游泳池,成为所有规划的活动和空间的焦点。客户的要求是拥有一个让夫妻以及他们的 两个孩子可以享有家庭共用以及单独享受的空间>> ”我们+我的“ 片刻。设计的重点显现在充裕的自然光和空气流动。通过着重考虑适当位置的天窗、狭缝和空隙引入自然元素进入内部庭院空间,穿透三层。特色游泳池成为中心枢纽,生活和用餐区以及所有活动通过巨大的户外甲板露台无缝连接。从所有空间都有着无遮挡向大海景色的特色,每间卧室都可以使用相邻的户外露台甲板,享受每日的海景和日落。花园式景观环境作为绿色屏风提供了重要的隐私。整个房子都结合了简洁的混凝土与木材用材效果,就如在雅加达城市中的现代热带绿洲一样。




Owned by the Huazhu Hotel Group, ET was commissioned to design a new concept for the Orange Crystal brand and be suitable for the hospitality market in Shenzhen. Since it’s opened, the hotel achieved 100% occupancy within four months of its launch.

For more details, please click here:


桔子水晶南山科技园酒店 – 深圳- 中国


请点击参阅详情 :


Owned by the Indonesian Paradise Group, ET was commissioned to design a new mix use beachfront retail concept that integrates with 2 hotels & 1 residential apartments, following the huge success of Phase One, also designed by ET.

Main highlights are the achievements in ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) incorporated in the design. Phase Two is launched in June 2021 with huge success.

For more details, please click here:

巴厘岛海滩步道二期开发 – 印度尼西亚

基于项目第一期开发的成功(也是由 ET 设计的),ET接着受IPP集团业主方委托设计第二期,一种新的商业综合体结合巨大的海滨零售概念。主要项目亮点是在可持续“环境+社交+管制”(ESG)方面的成功实现。二期于2021年6月开业,取得了巨大的成功。


Our Media Works

An important part of ET’s initiatives in 2021 is to build an interesting library of media works which can be effective in conveying our ideas and showcase our achievements in the best ways possible. Kiki, our media publications in-charge, works closely with all our designers and gets involved in projects to make sure that he is aligned on the design principles and methodologies, and he helps by being an additional set of eyes and brains to provide feedback and enhance the project. These media works are posted on our website, and various social media platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn, Wechat Page & Channels).


ET在 2021 年里强调了许多以多媒体方式展现设计与项目的各方面。它们可以有效地传达我们的想法并以最佳方式展示过程的细节。我们的媒体出版负责人 Kiki 与我们所有的设计师密切合作并参与项目,以确保他与设计原则和方法保持一致,并且他也经常提供了他从媒体角度的反馈,加强项目的设计。


Contrary to many concerns about work efficiency given that our teams are spread among the three regions (China, Indonesia and Singapore), ET has devised a system from the early get go to work effectively as one by combining the use of a few digital platforms. We have adapted a system to tap onto the strengths and connectivity of these platforms which have allowed us to get live updates, data insights on resources & project management and even interactions with the various collaborators and vendors we work with. Through this way of working, it has largely reduced our amount of emails and streamlined the coordination & communication process and given us back more time to spend on servicing our clients, meaningful creativity strategic initiatives & innovation. We will share more on this in future articles.



We are also in the midst of developing strategy playbooks for some of our clients. These playbooks serve a few purposes.

One, to help re-assess their current real estate portfolio in terms of searching for new Opportunities and Enhancements ;

Two, to Define the Design and Mechanism LOGICS for their various teams to engage ;

Three, to MAKE SENSE of the multitude of elements to CREATE a system for meaningful and flexible validation, thus leading to envisioning feasible sustainable scenarios.

We are also grateful to our clients who engage and trust us on the many meaningful exciting projects, past and current. Below shows our current list of clients and also a matrix of our considerations when attempting to engage the various ecosystems.



一、 评估客户目前的房地产资源组合寻找机会点与加强空间;


三、 理解项目体系的众多元素并创建一个有意义及灵活的系统来有效验证,并适于往后建立可持续发展的愿景。


We will also be completing & launching new projects in the various regions soon. So look out for the updates through our various social Media outlets (IG, LinkedIn, Wechat/Channel, etc.)



Mr. Patrick Rendradjaja
Director and Chief Development Officer of The Paradise Group PT. Indonesian Paradise Property Tbk. & Subsidiaries
Engaged Enviro Tec in the following:

Planning & Design Consultant to Bali Beachwalk Phases One & Two, FX Mall, Jakarta

Mr. Patrick Rendradjaja

开发总裁 The Paradise Group PT. Indonesian Paradise Property Tbk. & Subsidiaries

委托 Enviro Tec 以下项目:

  • 巴厘岛海滩步道一期和二期综合体开发规划与建筑室内设计
  • FX商场改造

“Enviro Tec has shown their expertise in combining and mixing the design, function, and engineering. Lot of beautiful details had been given as design solution and successfully answering complicated design issues, and creating key elements of special identities of the entire developments.

The design skills and love of searching and enhancing local materials of the Design Principals, with a strong backup of a very experience and a high disciplined Backoffice, persistency in coordinating all other disciplines, were the key elements of Enviro Tec’s consistency in delivering its best services.

Our relationship with Enviro Tec started in 2008, and it’s a blessing to see Enviro Tec’s expansion to Shanghai. Wishing them to keep continuing all passions in their works.

Thank you for designing our projects with LOVE. Looking forward to build many more future projects with Enviro Tec !!”

“Enviro Tec 在结合设计、功能和工程方面展示了他们最好的专业知识。 许多美丽的细节被作为设计解决方案,成功地回答了复杂的设计问题,并创造了整个开发项目的特殊身份的关键元素。

Enviro Tec 始终如一地提供最佳服务的关键要素是负责人的设计技能和对搜索和增强本地材料的热爱,以及经验丰富的强大后盾和纪律严明的后台办公室,以及协调所有其他学科的持久性 .

我们与 Enviro Tec 的关系始于 2008 年,很高兴看到 Enviro Tec 扩展到上海。祝愿他们继续在他们的作品中所有的激情。

感谢您用爱设计我们的项目。期待与 Enviro Tec 建立更多未来项目!!”

Mr. Dean Ding
Founder of Yusheng Real Estate Group

Engaged Enviro Tec Creatives in the following:

Design & Strategy consultant to Plaza 99 North Gateway Main Tower’s boutique hotel, Mix-use Lobby and Flex Work Clubhouse Hub

丁涛 先生

委托 Enviro Tec 以下项目:

  • 南通玖玖广场酒店设计
  • 南通玖玖广场办公会所设计
  • 南通玖玖广场主楼大堂设计

“ET. C has shown that they are seriously committed to their customers. ET.C considers both the ecosystem & space design as one. And the founders focused their efforts to establish solid platforms and virtual community integrations with various business units vertically and horizontally. I look forward to leverage upon ET.C’s experiences and resources, and to witness them engaging more and more to the infinite realms of the business industries. Let the successes speak!”

“ET.C境艺 认真地致力于为客户服务。 ET.C境艺追求着把生态体系与空间设计同时全面考虑。 而ET.C 创始人则着力于与各个业务部门纵向和横向地建立稳固的互动平台和线上社区整合。 我期待接纳 ET.C境艺 的经验和资源,并见证他们越来越多地参与到商业行业的无限领域中。 祝他们的成功一直伸展!”

Mr. Colin Chen
Founder of WeLearn

Engaged Enviro Tec Creatives to help develop their Co-Learning Spaces Product 2021

陈佳农 先生

委托 Enviro Tec 以下项目:

  • 智人共享学习平台产品设计研发

“ET.C was referred to me by a friend, for which I am very grateful. At first, I was only looking for a designer, but what I found was much more than that. As WeLearn’s Envisioning Consultant, ET.C helped us clarify our business model and produced the first prototype of our concept. ET.C’s team is friendly, down-to-earth, and professional. We feel very lucky to have found such an experienced strategic partner.”



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