Anabata Design Open online Talk Series- Featuring Enviro Tec Managing Director “Ming Zhou” as speaker on Oct 8 2021

We are excited to announce that Ming Zhou @mingzhou_et (Managing Director of Enviro Tec Indonesia & Enviro Tec Creatives (Shanghai)), has been invited as one of the speakers alongside with Mariana Cabugueira, @marianacabugueira (Senior Architectural Designer, Zaha Hadid Architects) in Open Talk e-series 9.4 webinar on Friday, October 8, 2021.

Open Talk e-series are presented by @anabataseries , inviting designers across local and international architectural/interior firms to share their insights on various topics.

Brought to you by @byoliving as part of Wonders of Weaving 2021: solidarity resilience, this Design Session’s topic will be Diversity on Process.

Short Bio on Ming >

Edifying herself to an extensive mélange of formal and professional education in Singapore and Australia, Ming exudes her versatility in implementing cultural contexts and crafted elements into design. She worked through her beliefs on the importance of impassionate design to construct a sustainable process in her work surroundings.

Ming joined Enviro Tec in 2005 after her architecture study in Australia, which earned her the Woods Bagot’s Best Graduation Prize. She and Chew, her father, consort to produce innovative mixes for architectural solutions in the company, nurturing it in a fresh way through sharing, community teamwork, and zest for life that she applies thoroughly on her design methods. Over 12 years in Indonesia, Ming reformed Enviro Tec rebranding, upgrading of design work flow and operations, to managing a team of 20 designers and drafters, and lastly the most important thing is the understanding of structure of a business. In year 2017, she decided to move to China for a bigger experience to join one of the largest Hotel group, Huazhu Hotels Group Ltd.

The last 3 years in China, the experience is to create designs under high pressure of fast pace with big quantities yet balancing the quality of design. Ming learnt to step up the design game to deliver results and injecting new identity to the brand she handled. The experiences learnt will definitely provide greater lengths of vision and confidence in her new embarkment with Enviro Tec Creatives (Shanghai). With Indonesia and China being 2 major economies, an important skill is her multi-cultural experience, knowing Indonesia and China markets and mentality of business.

我们很高兴地宣布周明晓 @mingzhou_et(Enviro Tec Indonesia(执行董事 ) & Enviro Tec Creatives 境艺(上海)的创始人)与Mariana Cabugueira、@marianacabugueira(高级建筑设计师,Zaha Hadid Architects)一起受邀作为演讲者之一 在 2021 年 10 月 8 日星期五网上举行的 Open Talk设计系列 9.4 网络研讨会中。

Open Talk 设计系列由@anabataseries 呈现,邀请本地和国际建筑/室内设计公司的设计师分享他们对各种主题的见解。

由@byoliving 为您带来,作为 2021 年编织奇迹的一部分:团结弹性,本次设计会议的主题将是过程的多样性。

Ming Zhou周明晓简介>
Ming为在新加坡和澳大利亚接受广泛的正规和专业教育所熏陶,她散发着她在实施文化背景 和将元素融入设计中的多功能性。她坚持自己的信念,即对充满激情的设计在工作环境中构建 可持续发展过程的重要性的理解。

Ming在澳大利亚进行建筑学研究后,于2005年加入Enviro Tec,并因此获得了Woods Bagot的 最佳毕业奖。她和她的父亲Chew联手为公司的建筑解决方案生产创新混合物,通过共享,社 区团队合作和对生活的热情以全新的方式对其进行养育,并将其彻底地运用到她的设计方法 中。在印度尼西亚的12年中,Ming对Enviro Tec进行了品牌重塑改革,设计工作流程和运营升 级,管理一个由20名设计师和制图员组成的团队,最后,最重要的是对业务结构的理解。 2017年,她决定移居中国,获得更大的经验,加入最大的酒店集团之一华住酒店集团。

在中国的最近三年中,经验是在快速,大批量的高压下创建设计,同时平衡设计的质量。明学 会了加紧设计游戏,以交付成果并为她经营的品牌注入新的身份。所学到的经验无疑将为她在 Enviro Tec Creatives (境艺) 的新职务上提供更长的视野和信心。印尼和中国是两个主要经济 体,因此重要的技能是她的多元文化经验,她了解印尼和中国的市场以及企业的经营心态。


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Friday, Oct 8th 2021, 7PM GMT+7
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周五, 10月8日Oct 8th 2021, 7PM GMT+7

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