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Greetings from Enviro Tec’s Founder, Mr. Chew T.E.

Happy New Year to all our friends and partners! On behalf of Enviro Tec (ET), I would like to wish everyone a blessed year ahead. Stay safe, healthy and engage meaningfully with your loved and close ones.

2020 has been a very challenging year in all aspects. Economy turbulence, uncertainties worldwide. It is also a time fordisrupting standards, guidelines & zones of comfort. A time to relook at how businesses can be run in the future to attain sustainability and efficiency, while also flexibility amid uncertainties.

Throughout the year 2020, Enviro Tec is grateful for all the ET team members and clients, past and present,  who believe in ET and decided to strive on together … … project by project, month by month, through up and down times. We also adapted new systems for flexible working while keeping each other in good spirits and positive.

ET started since 1972, so that’s a whopping  48 years of contribution to the built environment. From an era of hand-drawn drawings to the current times of digital systems and construction technologies, we have indeed come far, achieved lots and garnered strong recognition for the values we bring to our clients and end users.

Times will still be challenging ahead but with strong Teamwork and support, adapting suitable digital systems, venturing into new grounds, upskilling ourselves  and shifting our mindsets, we are on an exciting track to exhilarating opportunities, in the South-east Asia region, in China and other parts of the world.

Welcome the new Start! 2021!

Enviro Tec Creatives 境艺

With this, we would like to formally announce the formation of a new entity >> Enviro Tec Creatives! The founders for this new entity are Ming Zhou (the current ET Managing Director of ET) and Sern Hong Yu, the latest member addition to the ET family.  Sern was formerly the VP Head of Product in WeWork Greater China, managing and building teams to design, innovate and build WeWork offices across 12 cities in the span of just 4 years. Ming has been with ET since 2004. In 2017, she left for China to join the hospitality group Huazhu where she developed brands and managed teams to deliver hundreds of hotels since then.

ET. Creatives was formed in 2020 as the Strategy arm of the Enviro Tec Asia Company. ET. Creatives provides Design Strategy Solutions for Real Estate Asset owners & operators. Based in Shanghai, founding partners Ming Zhou and Sern Hong Yu seek to develop strategies and systems that make sense for the users and asset owners to create sustainable & efficient ecosystems. Both founders have spent the past years since 2017 in Huazhu (Huazhu Hotel Groups) and WeWork respectively in executive management roles (design, development, procurement and product innovation) leading teams to deliver hundreds of hotels and offices all over Greater China. Their earlier career roles include experiences in residential, hospitality, office, commercial mixed-use developments and retail.

Enviro Tec Asia provides a full-range real estate advisory, design and management services. It has studios in Singapore (since 1972), and in Jakarta, Indonesia (PT Enviro Tec Indonesia, started since 1993).

The Enviro Tec organization consists of Three Pillars:

· Strategy Advisory >> to establish connection, as a strategic advisor team, to our clients and engage with them across their selective portfolio.

· Digital Ecosystems Operations >> to provide end-to-end, integrated creative solutions from the initial concept to the implementation of space and operations. Injecting new strategic systems (Proptech, branding/marketing) that drive new or increasing revenue.

· Experience Creation >> to develop an ecosystem of design experiences, technology and collaborate with partners that empower users and end users with meaningful engagements with Client’s brand/project.

Capabilities & Service Offerings

Look out for more exciting updates to come! Already Ming and Sern are engaging asset owners in China on several projects (at various stages: pitch/design/strategy/full service collaboration).

Recent Achievements!

02 Awards for Mixed Use Lifestyle Development [Bali, Indonesia]

01 Hotel Project Opening in mid-Dec 2020 [Shenzhen, China]

01 Hotel Project in Construction [Guangzhou, China]

Estimate to open in Q2 of 2021
ET’s Scope: 
[Masterplanning . Full Architectural Design . Interior Design . Landscape Design.  Feasibility & Strategies . Design . Visuals & Branding]

We are proud to announce that this project has been nominated in Indonesia Property Awards by Property Guru 2020 as Best Mixed Use Development & awarded the winner of Best Mixed Use Architectural Design. This project also was awarded the winner of Best Mixed Use Architectural Design (Asia) in Asia Property Awards by Property Guru 2020.

Enviro Tec Indonesia proudly presents our near completed mix use development project in Bali, Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort phase 2, the continuation phase of the highly successful development “Beachwalk Bali” which was featured in tourism Board “Wonderful Indonesia”.

As an extension of the highly successful first phase of a Mixed-use Lifestyle Complex “Beachwalk Bali”, and Sheraton Hotel Kuta, the second phase of Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort creates a new benchmark for the entire development in Kuta, Bali. It has a built-up area at approximately 59,000 sqm, on 1.7 Hectares of land comprising a naturally ventilated semi open lifestyle hub at the ground level which seamlessly joins to the first development with a gardenesque podium above where 2 new hotels (Aloft (Marriot Bonvoy and Yello Hotel with 175 room keys and 146 room keys respectively) and 1 boutique residential apartment of 36 room keys.

The thematic essence is the center “heart” which encompasses an open atrium

Oasis of life” where it envisages to be a display of nature and movement where one connects back to the sky and gardens amongst water ponds. The specially designed curvilinear perimeter landscape edge is inspired by Bali’s cascading paddy rice fields and forms a shading green screen embracing the Oasis, creating an inter-relation of the interior and exterior.

Ideas of  sustainability are explored through natural cooling terrazzo flooring, non-formaldehyde recycled strawboard ceiling for the entire retail mall collaborating with a sustainable Singaporean manufacturer based in China, RENEW MATERIAL and also for the rattan ceiling of oasis canopy, collaborating with an Indonesian sustainable manufacturer, BYO LIVING which uses sustainable weaving methods and natural recycled rattan.

“Working with EnviroTec has been a great journey of learning and exchanging of ideas. Beachwalk extension will apply a lot of new innovative ideas in terms of tenant design. Envirotec has started a new benchmark for Indonesia’s retail landscape” – IPP

Kind words of praise from Indonesian Paradise Property TBK, owner & property developer

Developer PT.Indonesian Paradise Island Director and Chief Project Planning & Design, Mr. Patrick Rendradjaja receiving awards in Jakarta, Indonesia dated 12 December 2020

ET Family created a video deck showcasing the birth of the original concept for SKLR2 and through the design processes till recent site progress.

A multitude of great collaborations everyone and especially to IPP, our Client! To view, please click below >

Youtube Link : https://youtu.be/YuHTUK3ttuQ

Youku link : https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTA0OTEwMzQwMA==.html 

Videos & Images courtesy of IPP Team & Enviro Tec Team Project Data.December 2020.

Grand Opening on 11th Dec, 2020

We also proudly share our first completed pilot hospitality project in China, “Shenzhen Kexing Orange Crystal Hotel”, embracing 2021 with much anticipation for the hospitality market in the region.

In collaboration with Huazhu Hotels Group, the new Orange Crystal version was manifested, exuding the warm-elegance-themed concept—inspired by Vermilion Zhou Design —Orange Crystal Boutique Hotel Brand is positioned with a highlighted moment of a speakeasy whisky bar with multifunctional of breakout resting lounges, tea bar and automated check in systems piloted by Huazhu Hotels Group. Located in one of the most important business cities in China, with a total built up area of approximately 20,000sqm. It has 273 rooms and features some functional areas such as a multifunctional Lobby Lounge, Restaurant, Gym, and Laundry room. The hotel opened on 11 December 2020 with a short span of 6 months from design to completed construction.

The nuances of the spaces have a consistent ambience through usages of grey white marbles, medium-tone wood, and bronze. Warmly illuminated by soft lights and filled with Chinese-inspired modern furniture design, the Lobby also features a grandeur display of vast wine and whiskey collection. Blue, orange, and beige accents brought more colours into play. Special artwork and display designed specially through local craftsmen. All materials are sourced locally to create a sustainable supply chain for the future Orange Crystal Hotels.

We would like to thank Huazhu Hotels Group for this opportunity and cheers to our future collaboration. Congratulations for the Grand Opening that was held on December 11th, 2020. We put together a video clip of the project, To view click below >

Youtube link : https://youtu.be/-4CmI3M4zOc

Youku link: https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTA0OTEyNzU1Ng==.html

Videos & Images courtesy of the contractor & Enviro Tec Team Project Data. December 2020.

In Construction, Opening in Q2 2021

Off to an aspiring start in 2021, the ET team’s recent new addition to our China Hospitality portfolio is the revamp of an existing Orange Crystal Hotel in Guangzhou into new life. The team has recently completed the design documentation and will be working closely with the asset owner and contractors to review the ongoing construction works. It is targeted to open sometime in Q2 of 2021. An old asset with old versions of Orange Crystal Design, the project is reborn into new Crystal Orange 2.0 design nuances where the focus is on vintage rusty brown colours, soft wood panels and a dark green colour accent. 2021 is all about elegant highlights. Warm, dim lights also set the mood through the entire designed space (Lobby, lounge, patio, restaurant, gym, laundry and toilet). Special attention to the fabric selection of the furniture with specially designed pieces all thoughtfully curated to fit each function and spaces. A new feature of “The Crystal Bar” features a floor to ceiling display of whisky for the urban dwellers to enjoy a moment to themselves.

Images courtesy of Enviro Tec Team Project Data.
January 2021

ET Family Townhall!

On the last morning of 2020, the entire ET team gathered online for an ET Family Townhall. It lasted close to 4 hours! Long, but definitely a very touching and timely gathering for all. During this session, Founder Mr. Chew and Managing Director Ming shared the achievements and learnings of 2020. Ming and Sern, founders of Enviro Tec Creatives, then shared the new setup’s directions and the exciting opportunities moving forward. We then had several initiative owners to share briefly with everyone the progress made in:

  • Team & Project Management [by Dian Lazuardi, Associate of ETI ]
  • Marketing & Systems [by Rifki Setiawan, Head of IT & Media ]
  • Standards & Projects [by Tasha Saraswati, Architect ]
  • New Learnings [by Joshua Sulistio, Junior Architect ]

We wrapped things up by having a very touching and intimate time of  “Who Are We?” where each person speaks a few minutes sharing about themselves with a few photos, their roles in ET, personal interests, and aspirations for themselves as well as for ET. It’s amazing how much new things we learn about each other. And, of course, we concluded with a reminder of our objectives for the new year 2021. And we presented a page of everyone’s gifs. Super fun to see everyone’s different expressions.

2021 brings us new opportunities, a new collaboration network in China and we will be creating new frontiers. Putting forth what we do best in Asset Enhancement, we are creating a new strategy system for design creations and forging new relationships with collaborators in procurement and design implementation.


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