混合综合体项目 | SAHID KUTA生活方式度假村第二期>>BEACHWALK巴厘岛生活方式购物中心第二期

Client: PT Indonesian Paradise Property
Year: Phase Two: 2017 – March 2021 (Mall Soft Opening), May 2021 (Hotels & Residence Opening)
Location: Jalan Pantai Kuta, Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
Land Area: 1.7Ha ;
Building Area: 59,000sqm;
Programmes: 175 Rooms Aloft Hotel, 146 Rooms – Yello Hotel, 36 Units – Beachwalk Residence, 1 Level of Retail, 2 basement levels of Carparking
Use type: Mixed Use Development

ET’s scope: Mix use Design, Overall MasterPlanning, Full Architecture & Interior design, Landscape Design, Visual Identity Design (Exterior & Interior Signage), Overall Branding Feel, Tenant Design Guidelines & Shopfront Design

ET‘s Website: http://et-envirotec.com/portfolio/sahid-kuta-lifestyle-resort-ii/

More Information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrZwIzDChWY

开发商:PT Indonesia Paradise Property
年份:第二阶段:2017年–3月份2021年(商场开业),5月份2021年 (酒店和住宅开业)
项目范围:175 客房雅乐轩酒店, 146 客房耶洛酒店, 36房-海滩漫步精品住宅, 一层商场, 2地下层停车场
用途类型: 混合用途开发




Enviro Tec proudly presents our near completed mix use development project in Bali, Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort phase 2, the continuation phase of the highly successful development “Beachwalk Bali” which was featured in tourism Board “Wonderful Indonesia”.
As an extension of the highly successful first phase of a Mixed-use Lifestyle Complex “Beachwalk Bali”, and Sheraton Hotel Kuta, the second phase of Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort creates a new benchmark for the entire development in Kuta, Bali. It has a built-up area at approximately 59,000 sqm, on 1.7 Hectares of land comprising a naturally ventilated semi open lifestyle hub at the ground level which seamlessly joins to the first development with a gardenesque podium above where 2 new hotels (Marriot Bonvoy and  Yello Hotel with 175 room keys and 146 room keys respectively) and 1 boutique residential apartment of 36 room keys.
The thematic essence is the center “heart” which encompasses an open atrium “Oasis of life” where it envisages to be a display of nature and movement where one connects back to the sky and gardens amongst water ponds. The specially designed curvilinear perimeter landscape edge is inspired by Bali’s cascading paddy rice fields and forms a shading green screen embracing the Oasis, creating an inter-relation of the interior and exterior.

Ideas of sustainability are explored through natural cooling terrazzo flooring, non-formaldehyde recycled strawboard ceiling for the entire retail mall collaborating with a sustainable Singaporean manufacturer based in China, RENEW MATERIAL and also for the rattan ceiling of oasis canopy, collaborating with an Indonesian sustainable manufacturer, BYO LIVING which uses sustainable weaving methods and natural recycled rattan.

从自然冷却的水磨石地板到无甲醛回收的草板天花板,我们探索了许多可持续发展和环保的理念。我们与新加坡制造商RENEW MATERIAL合作,在商场的顶部使用了他们的材料。此外,我们与使用可持续的编制方法和自然再生材料的制造商BYO LIVING合作,在绿洲的顶棚使用了藤制天花板。

Ending 2020 was a great achievement for both our developer client and EnviroTec where Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort 2 was awarded three prestigious awards by Property Guru Property.
First award is Best Mixed Used Architectural Design For Asia Awards
Second Award is Best Mixed Used Architectural Design For Indonesia
High Commendation for Best Mixed Used Development

对于我们的客户和EnviroTec而言,双方都以自豪的方式完成了2020年。Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort 第二期被著名国际资产机构Property Guru Property授予了3个著名的奖项。

Project video / 项目视频 :


Tree Pods design visually engaging to the Lagoon of Island Oasis
View of Island Oasis underneath the Water Glass Canopy – Main entry area
Oasis Island Dining Deck sunken seating – F&B Concept of extended rentable area
View of Island Oasis from Landscape Podium Garden Lv1 to Main performance stage
Residence Private Garden at the  Landscape Podium Garden Lv1 for each garden apartment Unit

SKLR2 Brands

MORE BRANDS MORE FUN! This month, as the only shopping center that offers different retail therapy experiences in Kuta – Bali, as well as a complete selection of brands, beachwalk Shopping Center intend to bring more fun and pleasures to both visitors and loyal customer by  once more presenting an addition of various exciting line of brands. Varies from well-known local brands, as well as new international brands, such as; Cotton:On, Sociolla Marks & Spencer (both food & beauty section) which will open their first store in Bali, also Bamboo Blonde, Deus Ex Machina, Haagen-Dasz, Innisfree, Laneige, Lojel, Nico nico, Oakley, Optik Sempana, Rip Curl, Samsung, Surfer Girl dan Tous le Jours. These new shops are beautifully set around an open concept area called the “Oasis Stage”, where various activities and events will be held to pamper the visitors. One of them, look forward to the collaboration with the Gianyar Creative Economy Community (EKRAF Gianyar) who will also be presenting with Art & Craft Exhibitions as well as several other interesting event & activities during March to May 2021.

更多品牌加入,增添更多乐趣!这个月,作为巴厘岛库塔唯一一家提供不同零售体验的购物中心,以及一个拥有完整品牌的购物选择地,Beachwalk购物中心打算为游客和客户带来更多的乐趣和欢乐,再次推出一系列让人颇感兴奋的品牌。从知名的本地品牌到国际知名品牌,如:Cotton:On, Sociolla, Marks & Spencer(食品和美容部分)将在巴厘岛开设他们的第一家店,同时还有:Bamboo Blonde, Deus Ex Machina, Haagen-Dasz, Innisfree, Laneige, Lojel, Nico nico, Oakley, Optik Sempana, Rip Curl, Samsung, Surfer Girl 和 Tous le Jours。这些新店将围绕着 “绿岛舞台 “——一个开放式概念区域,为游客及顾客带来各种精彩纷呈的开幕活动。其中,我们非常期待与Gianyar创意经济社区(EKRAF Gianyar)展开合作,他们也将在2021年3月至5月期间举办艺术和工艺展览以及其他一些有趣的活动。

Socialla Beauty Brand, Biggest E commerce platform now opened an offline shop, First in Indonesia! Enviro Tec provided Design guidelines & nuances for natural material types, green design percentage and eco friendly furniture types which enabled Tenants to come up with their own great designs!
最大的电子商务平台Socialla Beauty Brand现在在印尼开设了一家线下店铺!Enviro Tec以对环境友好的自然材料、百分百绿色设计和环保家具提供了有着不同特点的设计准则,使租户也能加入其中提出自己的出色设计想法!


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