Our Latest Sensation and pride of current big scale project happening right in the heart of KUTA. We did this 6 years ago and accomplished an mission we thought almost impossible! But here we are 6 years later continuing the beauty of the well known, established “1st” open retail mall / hotel “Beachwalk Bali” aka “Sahid kuta lifestyle mall”, into an emotional, uplifting, yet another beautiful development that will enchant your hearts.
So…..After several months of ongoing construction, we finally want to share some site progress, and finally we can grasp the feeling of the spatial experience in SKLR 2.
The organic formation of the shape of Beachwalk continues along to the new development creating new experiences and spaces that grow with you.
The results are the enhanced feeling of Beachwalk, especially in the centered open area which we call ‘Oasis’.
We are excited to share our journey through these images. Hope you feel inspired!!!

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