Joo Chiat Road, Singapore
Location229 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore
Building Area325sqm
Contemporer Vegan Restaurant




Starting its operation fresh in early 2014, Loving Hut Singapore is a hearty project maintained through modest engagement with local creative communities and practitioners. As one of the largest vegan restaurant collective worldwide, Loving Hut grows within the values of holistic approach towards modern life and creating awareness on an alternative diet and lifestyle—a vision Enviro Tec also hold firm, which then encouraged our long-term involvement to the project.


Placed in the heart of East Singapore’s Joo Chiat Area, which interestingly cultivates a traditional conservation of Peranakan shophouses as well as burgeoning art communities and small businesses, Loving Hut Singapore was conceived to be a gathering space reaching out to visiting locals and holidaymakers. The goal of the development goes along to Enviro Tec’s commitment in creating a peaceful, eco-friendly experiences accompanied with nutritious healthy food—as simple as 100% plant-based cuisines in promoting a uprising vegan lifestyle. Every progress was thoughtfully made with regards to meaningful contexts: nourishment, products, and decorations were sourced locally and from neighboring countries as to embrace an environmentally responsible practice.


The manner in constructing the physical support of the restaurant is also akin to the whole concept. We asked many of our previous partners, ranging from branding studio, interior and lighting designer, artists, and fabric maker to work along in creating an unabridged fresh ambience.


The first thing to notice when approaching the restaurant is the big French-like grey cloth canopies, installed as a sheltering and visual treatment for the 5-foot walkway as the public alfresco area where people enjoy the great outdoors. The entrance and outdoor takeaway area is, of course, made to humbly encourage various activities for every passerby and carryout customer. Activities such as even bringing in their pets, with crisp coffee aroma flowing all around the shop’s high ceiling is to amplify the whole sensory experience. It seamlessly connects to the indoor area that is separated into two main areas of family communal zone and regular seating. In the family area, a communal dining area, where a big movable dining table for multipurpose settings is placed. The regular seating area consists of loose and bench cove seating arrangement for couples or smaller groups. The space is decorated with contemporary artworks by local and Indonesian artists, the artworks are created with the message of “Vegan & Love”.


Vintage white ceramic tiles were used as the main backdrop for the cashier counter, accompanied with a specially designed shelving niche area for lifestyle vegan eco friendly products. Lush potted succulents and indoor plants are specially placed in many spots throughout Loving hut to maintain the desired freshness. Retaining the interior integrity of the original space, the utilization of light-toned rubber wood, plywood, and exposed concrete slab as the main material color base, yellow shades all over the interior as the main accent of Loving Hut that contrasted with light timber furniture against grey monochrome steel glass window frames that allow natural light to pierce in each morning. Many corners of the interior also make use of crafted designed lamps with industrial-rustic finishing and recycled brown bottle lamps from Indonesia to promote the idea of eco Vegan living through the nuances of a warm interior ambience, while natural timber furniture with woven upholstery made from organic cotton—which also aptly applied to apron pockets, coaster cloths, and utensil holders—were pleasingly held within the complementing yellow spectrum.


As for the visual branding with marvelous gimmicks that serve for communicating the friendly message, uniforms were delicately thought upon as the restaurant’s   ‘Be Vegan Make Peace’ maxim strolled to and fro in the attendant’s aprons. We also Other collaterals to promote eco living through story telling can also be seen through the canvas tote bag with vegetable illustrations and stamped brown paper for packaging. A huge illuminated signage forming the words “Vegan & Love” is placed on the wall along with an eye-catching world map connecting the dots of Loving Hut restaurant joints all over the world.


To us, the extensive work and construction paid off much over the expectations. As we do everything from scratch, watching the development grew bigger through heartfelt collaborations was very much like making things felt like our own home; a cause that successfully resulted in a joy spread continually.