Capital Residence Private Apartment

SCBD. Jakarta. Indonesia
LocationSCBD, lot 24th, JL. Jend. Sudirman, Kav. 52- 53, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta
Interior Area180sqm
Scope of ServicesInterior Full Package // Design & Built // Furniture sourcing

Apartment Interior Design and Build


A dwelling is a mirror for the host. The idiom is not a figment. Each person would have a different character and can be exposed from the details of life around him. What are the current phenomenon is the increasing vertical occupancy in the city along with the soaring cost of and demand for the professionals. Located in an exclusive apartment in Sudirman Central Business District or familiarly known as the SCBD, the residence may be the answer for individuals who want a synergy between personal identity with a career that acted.

Having an area of approximately 200sqm, the dimensions of the room after room in this apartment full of spirit of individuals who understand the true significance of a comfort. Cold hands Eko Priharseno of Aedi Interior Design Bureau re-carve the implied harmonization of minimalist detail with finishing techniques interior elements in it. Adopting desires host has a bustle with activity as young professionals are so dense, the designer gives a touch of its own as a self-representation. Eko Priharseno offers more than just a design solution, but rather the optimization of the deepening of the room, with a touch of art at each corner.

Practical, elegant, and intelligent. The third thing that is the main idea Eko Priharseno when designing the interior side of the residence. The practical side seems evident with the use of interior details and furniture that are emphasized in the value of the function. What are placed on residential space is the need for the host to continue to support its activities.

Inspiration of efficiency it did come from the residential owners who are young and very dynamic in his life. He does not need a lot of ornaments in the shelter of her dreams, the emphasis is given on how precisely into the room occupancy privacy that provide comfort to the maximum.

Talking about the practical value of the dwelling is also reflected in the design of symmetrical closet attached to the wall. Closet doors are designed to follow the contours of wall treatment that is attached to disguise its original form so that it appears as part of the room. The lines presented as a straightforward wooden shelves for ornaments and books among television. Nuance cozy reinforced with elbow-shaped three seater sofa, two coffee table varied round, and a single matching chair. Eko Priharseno ethnic impression etched by applying some detail typical of Indonesia as carpet-inspired style of weaving, spoon sago Papua as an accessory interior, to the wallpaper of bamboo fibers to give warmth to the space. Painting with the title of “He-He” Hendra works are displayed on one wall gives a playful splash of colors of wood dominates.

Intelligence in succession space utilization stipulated by uniting the two spaces as a study hall. Besides, the bulkhead between the kitchen and living room are removed to maximize the function of the interaction for the residents. Eko Priharseno draw a line between two walls in a study hall with a view of the city to provide its own freshness when residents want to work. The corners and the game detail until the lighting designed by SSA Lighting incised thick masculine impression, but also the integrity of function space mutually supporting one another.

Note // This beautiful Interior was a collaboration between Enviro Tec Interior Team and Aedi Design Bureau, who has been Enviro Tec’s close partner in design and build collaboration. They have also worked hand in hand together for another project in Singapore, Loving Hut Vegan Restaurant which was a voluntary effort to create design and sustainable awareness through the love of collaboration.