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About ET.C / 关于我们

Enviro Tec Creatives (ET.C) was formed in 2020, as the strategy arm of the Enviro Tec Group. Based in Shanghai, ET.C’s founding partners Ming Zhou and Sern Hong Yu seek to develop strategies and systems that make sense for the users and asset owners to create sustainable & efficient ecosystems. Both Ming and Sern are also on the Group’s Board of Directors. Besides the recently opened Orange Crystal Shenzhen project (see image below), and soon to be going into construction Orange Crystal Guangzhou project which our team both designed, ET.C is currently working on a few highly confidential projects in China, Indonesia and Singapore, working closely with the clients in providing innovative creative strategies to develop products of the future. More information will be disclosed in due time. Watch this space.

境艺 Enviro Tec Creatives 成立于2020年,是 整个Enviro Tec 集团的关键策略伙伴。境艺 ET.C 总部位于上海。创始合伙人周明晓女士和余昇鸿先生寻求提供对用户和业主有意义的设计策略和系统研发以创建可持续的生态环境。两位也在集团里的董事会里。除了最近设计而已开业的深圳水晶… …(入住率已达近100%)和广州水晶…(将进入施工阶段),境艺目前也在参与几项高度保密的产品研发设计策略项目(地点在中国,印度呢西亚,新加坡),紧密与相关客户合作,推进创新理念创造未来潜能。目前还不便透露更多信息。请继续关注。

01 Orange Crystal Hotel Lobby Shenzhen, China , Dec 2020 桔子水晶酒店,深圳南山科技园,2020(深圳市,中国 )
02 Recent 100% room occupancy in March 2021 满房出租率3月2021

The Enviro Tec Group provides a full-range real estate advisory, design and management services. It has studios in Singapore (since 1972), and in Jakarta, Indonesia (PT Enviro Tec Indonesia, started in 1993). With close to 50 years of experience in the field of design, the Enviro Tec group specializes in areas of concept design, branding, visuals right up to design implementation.

This exciting addition of ET.C to the Enviro Tec Group with its founding partners Ming & Sern, also brings new frontiers, refresh leadership and diverse expertise to the whole ET Global team. With studios now in Singapore, Indonesia and China, we now have a wider pool of resources to service the regions. We look forward to providing more meaningful value-adds for our clients and collaborators during our journey together to create spaces and systems that make sense, bring success and foster meaningful interaction experiences for the users.

Enviro Tec集团提供全方位的房地产咨询、设计和管理服务,在新加坡(成立于1972年)和印度尼西亚雅加达(成立于1993年)都设有工作室。Enviro Tec在设计领域拥有超过40年的经验,擅长概念设计、品牌推广、视觉传达及设计落地等领域。

ET.C与创始合伙人Ming&Sern的加入对于Enviro Tec 全体,令人兴奋,也为整个团队带来了新的领域推广,精力加倍的领导才能和多样化的专业知识。如今我们在新加坡,印度尼西亚和中国都设有工作室,而这让我们拥有更广泛的资源来为该地区提供服务。我们期待在项目操作的旅程中为客户和合作伙伴提供更有意义的增值,以创造有意义而成功的空间和系统,为用户之间促进有意义的互动体验。

01 Mega Kuningan, 总体规划项目,1994年完成 (雅加达城市)Mega Kuningan, Master Planning Project in Jakarta, 1994
02 Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort Stage 1 & Beachwalk Bali Lifestyle Mall 2012
Mixed Use Development of new lifestyle retail mall & Sheraton Kuta Resort
综合体项目,2012年完成 (巴厘岛,印度尼西亚)
生态“新式”商场 & SHERATON 5星际酒店 -建筑设计,室内设计, 景观设计综合体项目,商场,SHERATON酒店

Quote from Mr. Chew, Founder of Enviro Tec Group

Enviro Tec has grown amazingly over the years, and through our design philosophy and talented teams, we have fostered trustworthiness with our clients and partners all over the region, and the wonderful user experiences from the built works speak for themselves. With the addition of the new leadership in Ming & Sern, it’s a formidable boost to the company and an exciting endeavor as we seek to strengthen the relationship among the various elements of a project (branding, spatial experience, market needs, aesthetics, user interactions, business operations, etc.) while exploring innovative ways of engagement via strategies, data insights and research. Exciting times ahead!

Enviro Tec 集团创始人周先生感言: 

多年来,Enviro Tec 取得了惊人的发展,通过我们的设计理念和才华横溢的团队,我们提高了与该地区客户和合作伙伴之间的信任度,所建造作品的出色用户体验不言而喻。 在Ming&Sern的新领导层的加入下,这对公司产生了巨大的推动作用。同时这新启点(境艺ET.C的创立)也是我们为加强项目各个要素(品牌,空间体验,市场需求,美学,用户互动,业务运营,等)之间的关系,同时再通过策略,数据见解和研究来探索创新的项目参与方式。接下来,非常期待,激动人心啊!

Sketches by Mr. Chew

Offerings / 我们提供

In ET.C, we are interested in exploring the potentials of integrating the various aspects of lifestyles while also considering the business sustainability and relevance of the real estate products for our clients. With the unique combination of the experiences of Ming and Sern from their past works in reputable organizations like WeWork, Huazhu and 5+design, there is always a focus to achieve  balanced considerations of the viability of design versus operational needs and product branding. Also, we are open to adapting useful technological, data insight tools and meaningful collaborations to enrich the client and user experience. As a result, the following diagrams show conceptually our vision of the experience landscape of cities and buildings spaces …. as “living” ecosystems which we can strategize, design, build and operate for the success of the owners and users. From these, we thus organize our service offerings into three main aspects:

Strategy Advisory, Experience Creation and Ecosystem Operations.

Details can be found below.


策略咨询  –  体验创建  –  生态系统操作 


ET.C’s design strategy methodologies and consideration

Strategy Advisory / 策略咨询

We establish connections across our clients’ selective portfolio, engaging them in the process. We offer real estate development assessments, spatial studies, asset enhancement, brand envision & research and more…. 


Rainbow Hill Golf Resort住宅总体规划项目, 2012 (博格城市,印度尼西亚  )
Rainbow Hill Golf Resort Residential Masterplanning Project, Bogor Indonesia 2012

01 Rainbow Hill Golf Resort住宅总体规划项目, 2012 (博格城市,印度尼西亚  )
Rainbow Hill Golf Resort Residential Masterplanning Project, Bogor Indonesia 2012

02 Pearl Of Java 基于可行性研究的建筑体量和功能 2020(Semarang 印度尼西亚  )
Pearl of Java building masses and functions based on feasibility study, Semarang Indonesia 2020

03 Pearl Of Java 手绘草图研究规划  2020(Semarang 印度尼西亚  )
Pearl of Java planning from hand-drawn sketch study, Semarang Indonesia 2020

Our engagement model with clients

Experience Creation / 体验创造

We provide end-to-end, integrated creative solutions–from initial concept to implementation; injecting new strategic systems–proptech, branding, marketing–to increase revenue.

In the Creative field, we offer design direction, brand strategy & experience and more…

In the Design Services field,  we offer master planning, architecture, landscape, interior, furniture design and more…

In the Trade Collaborator field, we offer procurement & fulfillments, supply chain management, sustainable materials & products.





HDI Hive Office Asset Enhancement Project (Interior & Architecture), Jakarta Indonesia  HDI 办公楼改造室内和室外–外立面设计展示新技术 (雅加达城市 , 印度尼西亚) 2013

01 辉盛庭公寓(雅加达城市 ,印度尼西亚) 2014 整体建筑,景观设计
Fraser Residence Menteng, Jakarta Indonesia 2014   Overall Architectural, Interior & Landscape Design

02 辉盛庭公寓(雅加达城市 ,印度尼西亚) 2014 室内设计,室内设计
Fraser Residence Menteng, Jakarta Indonesia 2014 Interior design 

03 Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort 2 景观设计
SKLR 2 Landscape design

01 品牌设计 – logo 设计、整套 VI 概念设计
Brand consultation with client

02 营销画廊和公寓品牌展厅
Marketing gallery & apartment brand showroom  

03 家具及饰品设计
Furniture product design

Digital Ecosystems Operations / 线上生态运营

In collaboration with partners, we develop an ecosystem of design experiences and technology, empowering users and end-users with meaningful engagement with client’s brand/project. We offer design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA), digital systems & platforms and more…


01 ET.C Ecosystem Strategy Design
ET.C 生态系统策略设计 

02 Fx Mall Website integration design concept Fx 商场网站线上概念品牌设计
Fx 商场网站线上概念品牌设计 design concept 

03 Fx  Mall digital branding integration design Fx 商场线上品牌整合设计
Fx 商场线上品牌整合设计

Organization Structure / 组织构架

Across the whole of Enviro Tec, the studios have been structured and work together to suit the vision and breadth of our service offerings. The following diagram shows the structure and how we have high quality collaborators working with us to implement projects for our clients no matter where the projects are located. 

在整个 Enviro Tec 组织中,在各地区域的工作室都是按着上述的愿景和提供的服务架构而一起合作、互动并完成项目的。下图显示了公司的组织架构以及我们如何与高品质的合作伙伴,无论项目位于何处,一起与我们合作,为客户实施项目。

The Founders / 联合创始人


Born in Singapore and graduated with a bachelor of Architecture from the University of Western Australia, Perth. Ming was nominated for several architectural design awards and awarded the best Graduation Prize from Woods Bagot, one of the top Australian Architecture firms.

After a year working at Woods Bagot Perth, she decided to join the family owned architectural design practice, Enviro Tec in Jakarta, Indonesia. One of her pivotal professional moments was creating a successful mixed use development “Sahid Kuta Lifestyle Resort (SKLR, Beachwalk Bali) ” consisting of Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort and a garden-esque rice field inspired open retail lifestyle mall which had high recommendations in the World Architecture Festival in 2008. In 2020, Phase 2 of SKLR was awarded best mix use architectural design in Indonesia and Asia. 

Ming 出生于新加坡,毕业于西澳大利亚大学的建筑学学士学位,并获得了多个建筑设计奖的提名,其一获得了澳大利亚顶级建筑公司之一伍兹·巴格特的最佳毕业奖。

在伍兹·巴格特工作了一年后,Ming 决定加入从事建筑设计业务的家族企业,即印度尼西亚雅加达的 Enviro Tec。她的关键职业经历之一就是成功打造了一个综合体开发项目—— Sahid Kuta 生活方式度假村,其中包括喜来登巴厘 Kuta 酒店和一个花园式的田园风格开放式零售生活方式购物中心,并且这两个项目在2008年世界建筑节上受到了高度推荐。2020年,Sahid Kuta 生活方式度假村二期获得了印度尼西亚和亚洲最佳综合体建筑设计大奖。

Ming is passionate about encouraging the use of local materials and craft in her designs, a part of her way to create social response and consciousness. Based in China since 2017, Ming stepped up the design game to deliver results and inject a new identity to the brand “Orange Hotel” she handled mostly with one of China top hotel groups, Huazhu Hotels Group Ltd. She has also been a member of Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA) since 2003.

Ming 热衷于在设计中运用本地材料和手工艺,这成为了她创造、回应社会与表达自我的一种方式。2017年以来,她一直在中国工作生活,并加入了中国顶级酒店集团之一的华住酒店集团。而这段职业经历也使得她的设计作品更为多元化,并成功地为她当时所负责华住酒店集团中高档的“桔子酒店”品牌注入新的品牌生命力。此外,自 2003 年以来,她一直都是澳大利亚皇家建筑师协会的成员。


Born in Singapore and graduated from NUS (Singapore) and SCI-Arc (Los Angeles), Sern is a global business executive with years of experience in design strategy, mixed-use development planning and design, construction and commercial management.

After working at Nikken Sekkei International and Newspace in Singapore, he decided to trot the globe. At 5+design (Los Angeles), Sern worked on retail mixed-use developments. He developed his career from designer to management when he was sent to China in 2009 to lead market expansion efforts. He then garnered experience in real estate development when he joined IMC Octave in 2014, as a key team member managing the 180,000 sm Suzhou Yangcheng Lake Sangha mixed-use wellness resort project. Most recently, he joined WeWork in 2017 to lead Product Development for the Greater China region, where he built the product team that designed and delivered more than 100 WeWork locations, in just over 3.5 years, across 12 cities, and initiated new product services to cater for the regional markets.

Sern 出生于新加坡,毕业于新加坡国立大学、南加州建筑学院。是一位在设计策略、综合体开发及设计,建造和商业管理方面拥有多年经验的全球业务管理者。

在新加坡的日建国际公司和 Newspace 有过了两段工作经历后,他决定开始“环游世界”在总部位于美国洛杉矶的 5+ 设计从事商业综合体开发的规划与设计工作。2009年他被派往中国带领团队拓展市场工作,同时,他的职业角色从设计师发展为执行管理层。2014年他加入 IMC Octave 担任核心团队成员,参与开发了18万平方米的苏州阳澄湖度假村项目,在房地产开发领域积累了丰富的经验。

2017年他加入 WeWork ,担任大中华区产品开发副总裁一职。在此期间,又他组建及带领的产品团队在短短3年半的时间里,设计和交付了超过100多个WeWork 空间,遍及12个城市,同时针对着区域市场也不断地在推出新产品业务。

选择了 Sern 带领 WeWork 产品团队执行的 WeWork 地点。
Selected WeWork locations where Sern led the WeWork Product team in executing.

Core Creative Team / 核心创意团队

Our creative core team. They are passionate about what they do best and work hard to empower your teams. Together, we create self-initiated creative concepts and use what we learn to create meaningful connections and systems that connect with people. We strive to empower our teams to achieve their potentials, and with superb coordination skills, they provide our clients with the best.


Enviro Tec Creatives (Shanghai) Co. Ltd

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Huangpu District, Shanghai, 200025
中国办公点地址 China Office Address:

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