Envirotec – RM RenewMaterial

As our new collaboration partner, XTD provides green sustainable material which comes from the straw waste. Strawboard material features very safe material, free from formaldehyde, also joinery with easy clip system. Working with the sustainable fashion products, we did the exhibition display in theme for sustainable manner.

Using recycled products to practice zero waste living. For Earth Day Envirotec and XTD collaborated with Paper Shanghai , one of the most established sustainable groups in Shanghai to create an exhibition featuring various fashion, product and accessories Chinese brands on their eco friendly products. The multifunctional strawproduct featuring floorboards, pile up boxes and display artwork presenting low carbon footprint in installing the exhibits with no nail or glue.

Any interested collaborators, designers, developers wanting to know about this sustainable product kindly contact us via email or whatsapp +6281-21020731

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